The Champion Mindset Athletics

Who We Are

The Champion Mindset is more than a brand, its a movement. A movement of believing in yourself and your capability. It’s about being persistent in the pursuit of greatness.
A Champion isn’t defined solely by their performances, but instead by their daily habits and relentless will to win and improve every single day.

Our History

The Champion Mindset brand was created in 2019 by All Time World Record Holding powerlifter Stacy “Bama” Burr after her legendary performance at the Arnold XPC Competition where she set the highest Wilks score of all time, totaling 1435lbs at 147lbs body weight. Burr competed in the sport of Powerlifting for 5 years on a quest to become the “Best in the World.” Small town superstar Burr was overlooked for years until her passion and commitment made her undeniable.
After several failed attempts at hitting her lifetime goal, many doubted her promise to be the best. Burr claims that her failed attempts are what taught her the most about herself and her dedication to her goals. She used words of affirmation, visualization, positivity and goal setting to help her on her personal journey towards greatness.

Our mission is to help you look your best while giving your best, both inside and outside the gym.